Hey Guys! New Blog!


Hey Guys!

S here.

I’ve started a new blog over at



I would love it if you’d click over and give me a follow! No more relationship horror stories (although when I find time and feel inspired, I’ll still post some of my previous nightmares on this blog), but you will find recipes, restaurant reviews, fashion posts, sports posts and all kinds of other stuff over there.


Thanks for reading and it’s been great connecting with so many of you!


I lost my virginity to someone “special”….


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At 16 I was naive….NO, more like…capital N-A-I-V-E!! I attest this to having to figure out 95% of how the world works, completely on my own. This is what happens when your mother is an alcoholic, and your father is no where to be found. Continue reading

My Date with a Drug Addict


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I would like to preface this post with a little disclaimer about my emotional state during the time in which this sequence occurred. I had just broken up with my very serious boyfriend of two years and my life was in a state of upheaval, after being forced to uproot and move 400 miles back home. I was an emotional wreck and had little- to-no actual real world dating experience, hence my naivety…well partially.

Ladies, THIS, is why we must stay vigilant.


It started innocently enough.   Continue reading

My First and Last Blind Date


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This happened back in my high school days when webcams were just starting to make an appearance and the only form of contact was through AIM. I was 16 and an amateur super sleuth…so of course I was searching my friend’s, friend of a friend’s, and friend’s friend’s buddy lists to find some new and interesting guys. To be honest I’d already crushed on and dated over 30 of the 45 guys in my small town sophomore class.  Anyway, that’s how I found Derrick (or at least I think that’s what his name was). Continue reading

Singled Out: down and dirty tips for the modern dating woman


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Confused as shit? You’re not alone.

Our male guest blogger attempts to break it down and crack the code.

Ladies I’m not going to waste your time and I certainly wouldn’t dare waste mine, so let’s get right down to it. Today’s modern man or woman is fighting blindly when it comes to dating. Everything we do is mired in a false guise of immediacy and relevancy. Perhaps its Facebook making us think our every stupid thought is important, or perhaps its the abundance of dating websites that make us think that the Darwinian human complexities that allowed us to dominate this planet can be reduced to menu items on a list of “about me” crap. Regardless of how we got here, the fact remains that we are here and now we have to pull a Luke Skywalker and learn how to swing our light-sabers blindfolded (metaphorically speaking, except for men, and then only sometimes). Continue reading



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                       This will never be for you.

This story begins like any other: late one night while perusing the ever decreasing pool of eligible bachelors on said dating site, I came across a profile that sparked my interest. I’d seen him on the site before and admittedly had cast him aside due to his seeming overuse of the cell phone mirror picture, but as my prospects were growing slimmer by the day I rationalized that it might be a good idea to send him a message and see if he responds. Because after all, I thought, what’s the worst that could happen? Continue reading



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                 Things are not always how they appear.

Let me start by saying that this type of devil is difficult to spot unless you know what you’re looking for, which is why I’ve taken the gracious stance of exposing his plight to all the innocent single women out there.  

Your first clue in identifying this weirdo is his overly enthusiastic attitude.  His constant and lengthy email communication with you via whatever dating website you’re using may seem flattering and he may even be genuinely interesting. You start to think to yourself, “Wow! This guy seems great and he’s definitely into me!” After all, he’s pinging witty response after witty response back and forth with you, with no end in sight. If textual chemistry were a thing, then you two would definitely have it. Continue reading



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He’s not going to be sharing any of this with you!

So you’re out at a bar or a club or an event just partying it up, dancing with your friends. Your intent was not to meet anyone, but as a man approaches you can’t help but think how refreshing it is that you’re actually meeting someone in real life, as opposed to online. Good, you think, now I don’t have to worry that he’s harboring some kind of jagged shark tooth or smells like a skunk. His fashion sense seems on, and thankfully he’s not one of those dirtbag dance floor gropers that you’re going to have to shake off lest get awkwardly molested in front of the entire dance floor. You start to think this might be your lucky night. After exchanging names, occupations, and having some chit-chat, he leans over and whispers something in your ear. Continue reading